Current Investments

We invest in companies aiming to disrupt markets via digital engagement platforms. company bike solutions focusses on engaging companies & their employees. FanSpaces owns an innovative technology for the effortless engagement of any global fan community. Our investments are "game changing" companies and we follow and support their successful growth strategies every day.

company bike solutions GmbH

company bike solutions develops and implements new mobility & engagement solutions for companies. Employees seek to work for the best companies in the world. Those companies are making a difference by supporting their staff with incentives which improve their health and are positive for the environment at the same time. And that is exactly what company bike solutions does! Try it, now!

FanSpaces GmbH

FanSpaces enables stars, influencers, clubs and brands to connect with their global fanbase and to build up direct relationships. FanSpaces' innovative SaaS platform allows the effortless creation of individual, highly professional mobile platforms which are guaranteed to engage with your fans.

Our Focus: Digital Platforms

One of the key success factors for any company is the ability to engage communities and to gain one-to-one customer access. Customer focussed digital platforms designed to easily connect with communities are of huge importance in this context.

Our portfolio companies help industry players to keep on track in these rapidly changing markets by providing innovative technology and omnichannel engagement solutions. That's what it's all about:




One-to-One Access


Predictable Impact

Connecting services with technologies in a new way while using existing communities and networks to roll them out efficiently.
That’s what we do best.

Derk Möller & Markus Maus, evisio